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The guidance of defining our goals and discovering their relationship to the work of the chapter enabled us to come to the table with clearer objectives as a team. That preparation was achieved with the excellent guidance of Krista. It not only helped the board to be excited about participating in an in-person strategic planning day, it also provided a means to guide an incredibly diverse group of people to a common path.

Jodi Smits Anderson, Board Chair, U.S. Green Building Council, Upstate NY Chapter

Our work with Krista grew from defining a strategic plan to roll-out at our initial Leadership Summit to general mentoring and coaching through the rough seas that come along with implementing and tracking a plan's progress. There are many consultants that don't have the work ethic or provide the value that Krista brings to the table. She is helpful to no limit, always professional, sincere and honest. Her focus is what is in the best interest of the client and how to help the organization and its employees overall. Her organizational approach, communication skills and drive for consistency are a huge help.

Rich Andracki, VP of Operations, Calvary Automation Systems, Rochester, NY

Krista provided leadership for a critical area of our business. She has a strong ability to understand the big picture and then translate it and communicate it effectively to key parties so meaningful action is taken. Moreover, she brought a pleasant demeanor, thoughtful, creative ideas, and a good deal of professionalism to her work.

Don Mardak, CEO, International Monetary Systems, Milwaukee, WI

I’ve presented Krista with various business challenges over the years. She has consistently delivered positive results. Things go from concept, to clear plans, to people working the plan. She makes it happen.

Steve Webster, President, Webster Properties LLC, Rochester, NY

We wanted to maintain the initial momentum created from first starting Partners in Planning. Krista developed a track with us, including our support team, that resulted in significant strides towards our vision. One of our partners will successfully retire this year - a testimony to the effectiveness of our planning efforts.

Valorie Gast, Partners in Planning LLC, Wausau, WI

I knew in my head what my business needed to do, but I didn't have an effective way to communicate it to my team or to other interested parties. Krista brought to the table a process that identified the roles and the actions needed to work towards the vision. Her work with us began a new chapter of growth and excitement for the company.

Phil Viruso, President, EDS Mechanical, Rochester, NY

Our growing wealth management firm was moving to a riverside location in a prominent new building in our community. Krista provided a unique brand of leadership we needed to refine our processes and upgrade our teamwork to accompany this exciting move.

Prudence A. Harker, CFP, ChFC, CLU, RHU, Beloit, WI

I had attracted funding and invested in a software platform, but didn’t have a functioning plan for business. Krista had a process that gave me a map to navigate specific challenges that I hadn’t anticipated and the confidence to meet those challenges with success.

Amy Kirschner, President, Vermont Sustainable Exchange, Burlington, VT

Prior to our work with KV Strategies, my partners and I had difficulty moving the Stonebridge Advisors idea beyond just a concept. Although we had given it a name, and had presented our collaboration to clients, we were still operating independently. Through her unique planning expertise, Krista helped us focus on our vision, clarify our purpose as a team, define the expectations we had for each other as partners, and outlined with us the initial actions that brought Stonebridge Advisors beyond concept to reality. Her work with us was instrumental to the success we enjoy today.

Annette E. Findling, CFP, Partner, Stonebridge Advisors, LLC Deerfield, IL

The best moment of my entire year's work with the (USGBC) board was when we boiled-down our essence to 'Advocacy, Education and Celebration' during our strategic planning seesion with Krista. It provided a foundation we needed to move towards action.

Diane Brandli, Advisory Panel to the Board, U.S. Green Building Council, Upstate NY Chapter

I’ve operated a financial planning practice and I’ve also been an executive team member in a corporate environment. In both instances, Krista provided me with valuable insight and direction that contributed to an expansion of my professional career to include authorship and international speaking.

Steven P. Greiner, Author Ben Graham was a Quant, Chicago, IL

KV Strategies provides alignment of vision with action. Her counsel is an important piece to the continued success of my practice.

Joseph M. Eduardo, Financial Practice Owner, Centra Financial, Rochester, NY

KV Strategies helped us attract critical funding and provided necessary leadership to launch a bold and international vision.

Richard Logie, Owner, GETS Ltd., Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Krista demonstrated patience and clarity of vision to our organization which then inspired board members to lead in ways we hadn't before.

M. Sirri Simsek, CEO, Turk Barter and IRTA board member, Istanbul, Turkey


"A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door."