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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Written by KV on Tuesday, 01 October 2013 12:46.

Business planning for the new year always seems to correspond with readying our living and work spaces for colder weather, evidenced by contractors turning their attention to obtaining projects that are indoors. As such, I am reminded of their simple cardinal rule for all projects: measure twice, cut once. It's about creating safeguards to avoid tactical blunders that compromise the ultimate goal. It's about doing more than just thinking you got it right...and taking the time to be as sure as you can be that you do indeed have it right.

How is this related to planning? Quite logically: good, sound planning requires the same diligence and discipline that good, quality craftsmanship requires. You may have had level of certainty around your plan when it was originally created and you may indeed be currently in the midst of implementing and measuring the strategies and tactics in that plan, but it's always good practice to pull out the master tape measure periodically (once a year at least) to make sure small things have not shifted in ways that render your current tactics less effective. Just like corners on doorways that become un-squared and floorboards that loosen, little shifts within your organization can create a need to assess current tactics before simply moving ahead. Such shifts are the natural way of things as they settle and wear and respond to environments over time. You can save lots of time, money, and aggravation by making a habit of checking these things before moving ahead as if things were exactly as they were when you began. This is especially true if you are expanding or renovating in a major way.

But back to planning...

The VISION you set for your organizational team is that master measurement...the "North Star" that


"Plans are not important.
Planning is."

Dwight D. Eisenhower